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LOT: 039

Lot of 3 books of the Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Elfiya, the mechadesh of "Ta'anit Dibur" during the Shovavim. Stamp and corrections from the compiler.

1. "Si'ach Yitzhak" prayers and piyyutim with drashot, 2 sections. Jerusalem 1923, first edition. On page 4 and 10 are additions and corrections in the handwriting of the compiler. Amongst the pages are dozens of pictures of holy places in Israel. 2. "HaQonters HaYehieli" in 3 sections, activities for the synagogue, dedication of the home, halachot of mezuzah, donations, tithes, and laws of burial. Jerusalem 1928, first edition, after the cover page is the stamp of the compiler. Important book praised by the sages of Israel. 3. "Ya'ir Nativ v'Ahavat Hashem" methods of learning Torah. Mussar from the Zohar and Kabbala. Jerusalem 1939, first edition. In total, 3 volumes, different sizes. Excellent condition.
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