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LOT: 025

Lot of 3 books of kabbalah. Europe, 1706-1865.

1. Likkutei Shas by Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, the Ari. Zolkva or Lemberg, 1785 (according to Winograd the year was 1815). Missing the name of the printer and location of printing. Light green pages. 2. GilguleiNeshamot (Reincarnation). By Rabbi Menachem Azarya, the Rama of Pano. Printed by A. Y. Printing, Lemberg 1865. Signature of ownership of Rav Naftali Weisblum. New binding. 3. Shoshanat Yaakov, “wisdom of the hand in the flesh and wisdom of the face…”, by Rabbi Yaakov bar Mordechai of Polda. Amsterdam 1706. Printed illustration of the lines in one’s palm. Listing of ownership. New binding. Different sizes and conditions, generally good condition.
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