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LOT: 054

Lot of 3 books from Livorno printings, signatures and glosses.

1. "Shiva Einayim," including: chiddushim of the Ramban on the chapter on borer and the Masechet Makot, the book "HaZechut" by him, defending the halachot of Rav Elfas against the claims of the Ra'avad on Masechet Yevamot, Ketubot, and Gittin, Q&A from Yitzhak Abuhav and Rav Yitzhak ben Giyat, large argument and the answer of Rav Avraham Bolat, Livorno 1745, first edition. On the cover are signatures of ownership, marginal notes in a Mizrahi handwriting throughout the book, lone bits of moth damge. 2. "HaMachriya" 92 psakei din and chiddushim on Masechet Ta'anit by Rabbeinu Yeshaya Matrani, Livorno 1779, first edition. Signature of ownership on page 1. Missing some pages at the end, moth damage and stains. Ok condition. 3. "Chemed Elohim," study for sukkot, Livorno 1797, on the cover page is a signature, Eliyahu bar Amram Zermon. Missing a number of pages throughout and at the end.
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