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LOT: 020

Lot of 2 volumes of the SeferHaMaggid, with commentary Agudat Shmuel. Amsterdam 1699.

With Rashi, the Yiddish translation. Miniature edition in four volumes. Translation into Yiddish is a continuation of the book Tze’inav’Re’ina, on the Torah, by the same author (Rabbi Yaakov Mianov). For this edition, the text underwent linguistic editing, and the words are not identical to previous editions. Before us are two volumes, the first volume with Yehoshua and Shoftim with the cover and last page missing and the binding disconnected. The second volume is on Kings I and II, with missing cover. Agudat Shmuel is a composition by the publisher Rabbi Shmuel Dlogash, printed for the first time with this edition (collection from sources and various compositions, most not known from a different source, like “glosses of Rabbi Ovadia HaNavi,” Sod Meisharim, EmekHaShem, and more. This collection was included in parentheses inside Rashi’s commentary, was republished a number of times, but there was criticism of it since it was included within Rashi’s commentary. These additions were partially included in many editions of Rashi and sometimes were even mixed in and attributed to Rashi himself (see H. Liberman, OhelRahel, 1, pages 310-329). Generally good condition, original bindings.
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