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LOT: 059

Lot of 2 manuscripts from Rav Mordechai Yefargan. Taroudant, Morocco. Beginning of the 20 th century

The first manuscript has reasons (ta’amim) and traditions regarding halachot of shekhita and treifut, and a copy of the books Yemin Moshe and Zikaron L’Bnei Yisrael. The second includes chiddushim, eulogies for Sultana the wife of Rabbi Baruch Kohen Azug, Esther, Mor Zakinu, a sage by the name of Avraham, Shlomo Almosnino—in the droshim are details about the dead, something about tefillin that he composed. Both written in Taroudant, in southwestern Morocco. His family includes his father, Rabbi Shimon, who was a sage of the area, and rabbis from the extended family served as rabbis of the city from the 16 th century onwards. Among them are Rabbi Yaakov Yefargan, known as the Minchah Chadasha, student of Rabbi Moshe bar Maimon Albaz (the Heichal HaKodesh). Size of the first book is 12x19cm, 150 pages. Second is 16x21cm, 39 pages. Generally good condition.
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