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LOT: 032

Lot of 2 important books from the 1600s

(1) “Ratzuf Ahava” with additions in the name of “Aperion Shlomo”, emendations and notes on the stories of the Shas, by the Gaon Rabbi Nissim Shlomo Algazi, Frankfurt D’Adra 1692, first edition, 2 title pages, the 2nd is illustrated with nice engravings, 104 pages (Winograd 58). HaRav Shlomo Algazi: a great Gaon in the study of miracles, in his book “Names of the Greats” HaHida writes that “the peppery and deaf Rabbi heard the wonders of the rabbi z”l and secluded himself carefully.” Compiled many incredible genius works including: “Understanding Rumor” (Yavin Shmuah), “Love of the World” (Ahavat Olam), Hamon Raba, “Passion of the Eyes” (Ta’avah La’Einayim), Shama Shlomo, and others. HaHida gave them the symbol “Shlomo Algazi” zlh”h (his memory for the World to Come). Many of the greatest of the generations are quoted in his writings. Moth damage on a number of pages, stamp of ownership in Ashkenazi handwriting. (2) “Toldot Yitzhak”, commentary on the Torah by the scholar Rabbi Yitzhak Caro, the old leader of Beit Yosef, who studied Torah endlessly and sat amongst the greatest of Israel in Kashtila. Amsterdam 1708. (2) 136 pages. Moth damage. New binding.
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