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LOT: 034

Lot of 2 books from Izmir. “HaHayim v’HaShalom” by Rabbi Haim Plagi, “Eved Avraham” with endorsement of his son, Rabbi Avraham Plagi.

1. “Eved Avraham,” exegeses on slichot and prayers for the High Holidays, with the order of sacrifices, a drash for a eulogy, chiddushim, Q&A, by Gaon Rabbi Avraham Pontrimoli, Izmir 1881, only edition. At the start of the book is the endorsement of the gaon Rabbi Avraham Plagi. 116 pages, good condition, original binding. Pages are loose. 17cm. On the binding is the engraving “HaGvir Refael Shlomo HaKohen” 2. “HaHayim v’HaShalom” Q&A on the Even HaEzer by Gaon Rabbeinu Haim Plagi. Izmir 1872, first edition. Amongst the pages are 2 handwritten glosses. 2 handwritten pages. On one page is a very long list of books with their content and issues, place of printing, and year. Book in ok condition, first pages are damaged with missing text. Stains from water. Different sizes.
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