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LOT: 018

Lot of 2 booklets of Tekanot. Jerusalem 1897-1904.

1. Second edition Sefer Takanot, by Or Torah Mishmorim. Jerusalem 1904 [on the cover: 5607]. On the last page there are signatures of the members of the company approving the addition of a new member. According to A.M. Luntz: “Beit HaMidrash Menachem Zion, according to many the ‘Old Beit HaMidrash,’ stands at the northern edge of the Hurva courtyard. This beit midrash is small but it is filled with sanctity for the old. There is a big library in it. There many people learn all day in groups and as individuals. The Mishmorim group “Or Torah” has its members learn there, half the night one group, half the night another, in shifts. Founded in 1837 when the opportunity fell to the Ashkenazim to redeem the courtyard from the Arabs who had held onto it since 1721, by the order of Ali Pasha in Egypt (when Israel was under his control).” [2], 17, [1] page, 18cm. Generally very good condition, a few tears. 2. Sefer Takanot, from Sha’arei Chesed Gemilut chassidim Haklali, Hebrew and Yiddish facing one another. Printed by Fromkin, Jerusalem 1897. 12, [1] page. 21cm. A few tears, generally very good condition.
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