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LOT: 144

Lot of 14 prayer pages. North Africa.

1. Piyyutei Akeidat Yitzhak, Yigdal, and Shirat HaYam. Lugassi library, Casablanca. 2. Seder HaSimanim for Rosh Hashanah, Judeo-Arabic. Adhan printing, Casablanca. 3. Kiddush, simanim, calendar, and more. Tunis 1959. 4. Piyyut Akeidat Yitzhak and shana tova bracha, on quality chromo paper. Paris. 5. Piyyut Akeidat Yitzhak, Casablanca. 6. Judeo-Arabic, Yom Kippur page. Printed by Yaakov Sisso, Bukhsisat. 7. Piyyut Akeidat Yitzhak, 1964 8. Piyyut Akeidat Yitzhak, Casablanca 9. Hazkarat Neshamot with German translation, facing pages. 10. Seder HaSimanim for Rosh Hashanah, Judeo-Arabic 11. Piyyut Akeidat Yitzhak, Casablanca 12. Seder Leilot Pesach, Judeo-Arabic. Fez. 13. Piyyutim for Rabbi Machluf Abuhatzira. 14. Piyyut Akeidat Yitzhak, with French translation. On quality chromo paper. France. Various sizes and conditions, generally ok to good.
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