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LOT: 103

Lot 9 different books in one volume

Lot 9 different books in one volume. 1. "Tzemach David" order of the ages Rabbi David Ganz, in two parts, Lemberg Trl"a. 2. "perfection of beauty," History of the rabbis were used in Lvov, Rabbi Chaim Natan Dmvicr, Kracka Trm"h. 3. "Darkei Chaim" Sarge Merabanan good leadership, Rabbi Chaim Isaiah priest, Lublin 1924. 4. "Kuntress Perek Shira," Lhn"l, 5. "Midrash Pliah", primishla Trf"b. 6. "Solshelet Kaballa" Rabbi Gedaliah the son of Yehee, Warsaw Trm"a. 7. "Dikdukei Rashi", YozefowTrl"h. 8. "Sichat Chulin T"h ", Warsaw Tr"m. Total 9 books bound together. Most of them are in good condition.
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