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LOT: 093

Lot, 8 facsimiles of haggadot.

1. Ettingen, 1729. Written and illustrated by Yaakov ben Michael Mei Segel. In ink and watercolor on parchment. With a separate introduction by Chaya Benjamin. Published by Nahar, Tel Aviv 1985. 2. Haggadat Copenhagen, 1739. Written and illustrated by Uri Feivush Segel, a sofer in Altona and Hamburg. Published by Nahar, Tel Aviv 1986. 3. Altona, Ashkenaz 1738. Written and illustrated by Yosef ben David of Leifnik. Collected by the Rosentaliana Library, Amsterdam. Manuscript 382. Published by V. Tornovsky Ltd, Tel Aviv, 1987. 4. Or Yisrael, with translation and instructions in Judeo-Arabic and French. Printed by Machluf Nagar Susa, Tunis, 1935. With a separate introduction page, Nissan 1997. 5. Amsterdam 1737. Handwritten on parchment in printing letters. With partial translation into Yiddish. No place or year of printing. 6. With illustrations by Yosef ben David of Leifnik. Amsterdam. Translation into Spanish, instructions in Hebrew and Spanish. Published by Tornovsky, Tel Aviv. 7. Next to Pressburg, 1770. With instructions and explanations in Yiddish and Hebrew. No year or place of printing. 8. Sarajevo manuscript, illustrated, in the Sefardi tradition, from the 14th century, considered the most complex and finest Jewish manuscripts, if not in all of Jewish artistic creation. Published by Prosveta Beograd Svjetlost, Sarajevo 1983. Various sizes and conditions, generally very good.
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