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LOT: 027

Lot 7 books printed in jerusalem

Lot 7 books printed in jerusalem: Tehilim book with the book "Diglei Hodaya V'ehamitzva" and the book "Mamtakei Torah". 2. book "Maim Amukim" from Rabbi Yehudah Bardugo zlh"h, Tra'a. 3. Book "Mashal venimshal' Jerusalem Tra"g. 4. Book "Eretz Chaim" jerusalem. 5. Kuntress "Tikun Hayesod', by the Kaballa Jerusalem. 6 . book "Minchat Jerusalem", first part-"Mincha Chareva", on Masechet Sota. 7. Book "Oneg leShabat", Jerusalem, Tra'g
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