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LOT: 045

Lot 6 different books Eastern sages with signatures and Glosses

Lot 6 different books.1. The book "Mate Yehuda" Orach Chaim, with a book "Shevet Yehudah"(separate title) Rabbi Judah Ayyash, Livorno, signed on L"z conceived "AP" [?].2. Book "Imrot Tehorot" on the 'Even Haezer' column, Rabbi Chaim Avraham Israel, Livorno , page handwritten opens with the words "Little Samuel says" [?], And in it reminiscent the Hida in Birkat Chaim .3. Shu"t "Mishpat Tzedek" Rabbi Meir Melamed, Salonika 4. Tell "Yad Ram'a" on Bava Batra, Salonika , with a book "שיור שיטה מקובצת" (separate title page), Signature in title page "Harel S"t" [?], And margins of 2 intro page proofs scholarly, and other signature 'מגן הוא לכל החותם בו הקטן רפאל טעבלי הלוי ", and registration at the gate" midrash Bnei Zion "(perhaps by hand Rabbi Zundel of Salant).Various situations, all the books first editions. Total of 6 books in 4 volumes
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