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LOT: 074

Lot 4 books on the Talmud innovations.

Lot 4 books Shas Innovations: 1. Innovation Maharam Berabbi, Dyhernfurth, First Edition (no gate page). 2. The book "Ganon Vehetzil" 2 parts, concerned to protect and save the words of our rabbis barely laid undecided Rabbi Akiva Eiger secondary schedules thereto, by Rabbi Moshe Avraham Moinashter, New york. 3. Book "Machane Levi" Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, (son of Hafla'ah), Lviv. 4. Book "Nahalat Yosef" to Rabbi Mordechai Eliezer Av beit Din vornow and Galil, and Vornow. Total 5 volumes, good - medium.
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