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Sefer Leshem Shebo v’Achlama Kabbalah—Jerusalem 1935

An important composition based in the kabbalah of the Gra, some of which is an exegesis and some of which is based in droshim. By the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv. [5], 88 pages. With glosses and handwritten corrections, illustration of Jerusalem on the last page, moth damage and stains, new binding, generally good condition. Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv ben Rabbi Haim Chaikel (1841-1926) was known as the “Ba’al HaLeshem” because of this book, and was revered by sages during his lifetime. It is said that when the book reached Baghdad, the Ben Ish Hai organized a march throughout the city in honor of it because of his wonder at the chiddushim written in it. The Chazon Ish said about the author that he was “the last kabbalist.” Rav Kook called him in a number of places “the greatest kabbalist of our generation.”
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