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LOT: 042

Lot 2 books that belonged to the sages of Morocco.

Lot 2 books: 1. The book with the soul Rosh Av Beit Din with corrections and criticisms Harz"h, with Chidushei laws shook Ramban, Berlin Tkc"b, first edition. (Friedberg 1293). With stamps cost of Rabbi David Hacohen Scali: Trc"a - Ts"t, raved and Bran FAQ Algeria author of Kiryat Hannah David Bach, David Foundation Book and more. 2. Book the half-shekel, Vilna Tri"t. Exchange signed by Rabbi Raphael Elazar Levi Ben goodness: Tkf"h - Trm"o, raved Jerusalem congregation involving Lazarus order book author, his childhood friend of Rabbi Dvash, he conducted gone Rabbi Yitzhak Ben Walid Mh"s said unto Isaac, but not least was on all the great Jerusalem Sephardim and Ashkenazim. Situations and different size.
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