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LOT: 045

Lot 2 books, Rabbi Chaim Falagi, Livorno Tkf"h

Lot 2 books: 1.Shu"t Rashba Part 5 with glosses "Rachamim Lachaim" Rabbi Chaim Falagi, Livorno Tkf"h first edition of the Shu't of the Rashba part 5 who published under the handwriting, with the consent of the Chakrei Lev and rabbis of Izmir, the first books of Rabbi Chaim Palagi, some moth damage. 2. Book 'Birkat Moadecha Lachaim' sermons and eulogies, Izmir Trc"h, his latest book printed during his life the day before the death of the Rabbi, (2) Kn"t page, except rift gate no loss to text, in good condition, number 27 at the gate of the authors books.
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