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LOT: 053

Lot 10 different patterns of small gemaras

Lots gemaras small editions. Bizha Masechet Mizh printing ח"כקת - 1768. Rosh Hashanah Masechet Mizh printing ז"לקת - 1777. Sukkah Masechet Mizh printing Amsterdam ה"קת - 1722. Ktuvot Masechet Mizh printing Amsterdam ה"קת - 1745. Meila Masechet Warsaw ח"ירת- 1858. 2 Ta'anit Masechtas Warsaw ח"ירת - 1858. Only one of them with Two title pages (one missing title Sunday). Hagiga Masechet involves with Megillah Mizh printing Masechet Warsaw ז"ירת - 1857. Hagiga Masechet Mizh printing Warsaw ז"ירת - 1857 with only second title (Missing the first title). Bizha Masechet Mizh printing Warsaw ז"טרת - 1856. Total 10 Masechtas. different condition. Some signatures ownership have not been tested. 2 of them are known Bbilografit. 5 of them without binding. Average size 11 \ 19 cm.
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