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LOT: 278

Long and interesting halachic responsa handwritten and signed by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. New York, 1959. Signed autograph.

Two halachot answers spread over four large pages, written in cramped style on official letterhead by the Igrot Moshe to his student the Gaon Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt, the Rivevot Ephraim. From 5th of Av, 1959. On the subject of a woman with a prosthetic eye, and whether that constitutes a chatziza for tevila; and the second is about a goy who rents an apartment from a Jew and wishes davka that the owner would put up a mezuzah on the entrance. As was his style, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein takes apart the questions into various parts, and reaches clear conclusions for each of the questions. The answers were printed in the Shot Igrot Moshe. At the top of the letter he blesses the recipient for “all good things for you, your household, and your children forever.” | Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (1895-1986) was head of the Council of Torah Sages, a gadol of poskim and leader of US Jewry. Head of the Metivta Tiferet Jerusalem yeshiva in New York and author of the series Igrot Moshe and more. | [2] sheets of paper, official letterhead, written on both sides, so total of 4 pages of writing. 28cm each. Generally very good condition.
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