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Lone autograph page in the holy handwriting of Rabbi Natan of Breslev, from his book Likkutei Halachot, with an interesting erasure

Light blue page written on both sides in the handwriting of Rabbi Natan of Breslev, a top student of Rabbi Nahman of Breslev. The content of the page was printed in his book Likkutei Halachot, the section Choshen Mishpat, halachot of renting, from the end of 11 until the middle of 13, in which Chassidic things were written about the red heifer, Purim, and the idea of zikaron, according to the theology of Rabbi Nahman of Breslev, his teacher. Who linked the issue of zikaron to the annihilation of Amalek. It is interesting to note that despite the fact that Rabbi Natan was well-known for his eloquent writing and clear thinking, at the end of 11 two lines were written and then erased, seemingly by Rabbi Natan himself. The handwriting is identical to that of Rabbi Natan, the page is light-blue, a little torn at the edges, professionally repaired, given in a handsome, gilded leather binding. Rabbi Natan Sternhertz (1780-1844) followed Rabbi Nahman of Breslev, and the chassidim of Breslev see him as the successor of Rabbi Nahman, but he refused to sit in the chair of his rabbi. He was also close with Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev, and it is accepted that he wrote part of Rabbi Levi’s book Kedushat Levi on the Torah. Rabbi Natan wrote down the divrei torah of Rabbi Nahman, printed them, and copied them. His book Likkutei Halachot is considered the second-most important Breslev work (after Likkutei Moharan). He also wrote many works of chassidut according to the order of the Shulchan Aruch. Accompanied by an expert's permission to identify Breslev manuscripts.
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