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LOT: 476

Letter written and signed by Gaon Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov HaKohen Trab Masalton, Beirut 1919.

Letter handwritten and signed by the Rav, on dealing with the kiddushin of a young girl from America who was betrothed at age 10 and whose father is protesting her betrothal. The letter was sent to Gaon Rav Baruch Markus, Chief Rabbi of Haifa. HaRav Masalton opens with wonderful praises in his letter to Rav Markus. HaRav Yaakov HaKohen Trab Masalton was a sage and Av Beit Din in Damascus (1851-1923), was born in Damascus, learned in the revealed and hidden Torah, in halacha and aggadah, he would give drashot on shabbatot and holidays that later were compiled into the book “Devek Tov,” he compiled another book, “Beit Yaakov” in two sections, and “Sha’arit Yaakov” in two sections. Good condition, signs of folding. Filing marks.
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