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LOT: 444

Letter with an halachic answer from the Beit Din in Djerba—written and signed by Rav Rahamim Hai Hayuta HaKohen, with handwritten signature of Rabbi Kalfon Moshe HaKohen, Chief Rabbi of Djerba.

Sent to Rav Yaakov HaKohen, Djerba 1951. Written by hand by Gaon Rabbi Rahamim Hai hayuta HaKohen (1909-1959), one of the important rabbis of Djerba, underwent great tribulations, wrote many books on halacha and aggadah. Alongside is the signature of the Gaon Rabbi Kalfon Moshe HaKohen, who lived 1874-1950, Av Beit Din and sage of Djerba, when he was 25 he was appointed a member of the Beit Din and then Av Beit Din, composed many books. His casket reached Israel after great struggles 57 years after his death in 2006, and was buried on Har HaMenuhot. Excellent condition, size 22cm.
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