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LOT: 470

Letter from the “Va’ad Klali” in Tzfat, signed by two rabbis of Tzfat.

Letter signed by Rav Shimon Shabati—was an ambassador for the community of Tzfat, went to Sefrou in Morocco in 1903. Also signed by Rav Haim Edri, born in Morocco it seems, in 1853 he was a member of the Beit Din in Tzfat, and second to the Ra’avad Gaon Rabbi Haim Sat’hon, after World War I he was appointed to the position of Chief Rabbi of the community of Tzfat, known as a great sage in Torah, died in 1930 and buried in Meron. Letter sent it seems to a contributor to Rabbi Meir ba’al HaNes. Signs of folding, defects.
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