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LOT: 088

Letter from the Rebbe to the Tzaddik Rabbi Yosef Waltuch, during Sivan—with advice on spirituality and materiality

Letter on official letterhead of the Rebbe with an additional line and signature handwritten. In the letter, the Rebbe gives advice on how to have all of one’s material needs met without confusion. The letter includes corrections and emphases in his handwriting. Signs of folding. Stains and wear, generally ok to good condition. Rabbi Yosef Waltuch is a descendant of Rosh HaMekubalim Rabbi Yehiel Michal of Zlotschov, in his youth he moved to the Old City of Jerusalem. Every day he would sneak into the Beit El kabbalist yeshiva, and sleep little while studying kabbalah. He would prostrate himself at the graves of tzadikkim across the country and succeeded in experiencing wonders and discovering their souls. Suffered much in his lifetime.
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