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LOT: 473

Letter from the Badatz of the Western community in Jerusalem. With signatures of great Kabbalists in Jerusalem, signed by Gaon HaShada and more. Jerusalem 1924.

Letter turning to the residents of Jerusalem to stop their work and carry out rallies for prayer at synagogues against the National Committee that was supporting a “Community Law” in the government. All of the letter is handwritten and signed by Rav Yaakov ben Atar, a kabbalist and sage of Jerusalem. In addition are the signatures of Rav Eliyahu Legimi, from Aleppo and then Jerusalem, compiler of “Bneihu ben Yehuda,” SRav Shimon Ashriki too. In the margins are four additional lines handwritten and signed by Rav Yosef Haim Zonenfeld with his stamp. Additional Ashkenazi rabbis’ signatures. On the reverse side of the page is a long writing to support the above, written and signed gaon Rav Yosef Yedid HaLevi, compiler of Birkat Yosef and Yemei Yosef, with the additional signature of Rabbi Haim Shaul Davik HaKohen, head of Rechovot HaNahar yeshiva, known as the Shada. Good condition, filing marks. Signs of folding, damage to a number of letters as a result of punctures.
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