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Large set of books, some of which are important and rare printings from Russia and Poland, some complete, others missing sections. With the book “Rishon LeZiyyon” by the Ba’al HaOr Hayyim—signatures of the Rabbis from the Galanti family

A large set of books from Russian and Polish printing, here are the complete texts: 1. “Minhat Yaakov” with the book “Torat HaShlemim,” two title pages, Polonne printing, missing the year of printing; 2 copies. 2. “Lehem HaPnim” Polonne 1795. 3. “Amudei Gola” small book of mitzvoth, Kopust (Kopys) 1820, rare, most is printed on blue paper. 4. “Shevet Mussar” Ostroh 1818. 5. “Nahag K’Tzon Yosef” Hanoya 1718—first edition, rare—signatures of ownership from the era of printing in Ashkenazi handwriting. 6. “Tor Hashan Mishpat” Medzhybizh 1822. 7. “Rishon LeZiyyon” from the Ba’al HaOr HaHayyim, 2 sections, Polonne 1804. Second section is missing the end. Here are the books missing pages: 8. “Asara Ma’amarot” (10 Articles) with ‘Yad Yehuda’ commentary, missing the start, first edition, rare, most is on blue paper. 9. “Shtei HaLehem” by HaRav Moshe Hagiz, Wandsbek 1733, first edition, rare. Missing the end. 10. “Ein Yaakov” with commentary Balslev 1824. Missing only the title page, very rare. (Only 4 books were printed at Balslev, this is the last of the four, Winograd 4). 11. Questions and Answers from the Ram Alshich, Slaník(?); fake title page, missing the end. 12. “Havat Da’at” Polonne without the year of printing, missing the end. Stamp of ownership of “Avraham Kalisher Bahak Tzfat” 13. “Likutei Shas” Korzec 1785. Missing the end. 14. “Chessed L’Avraham” of Avraham Azoulay, missing the beginning and end. 15. “Sefer Maharil” Polonne 1802. Missing the end. 16. “Pri Etz Haim?” of the Maharhav Korzec, missing the beginning and end. 17. Zohar on Leviticus, Kopust (Kopys) 1809, rare, missing the end. 18. “Shvilei HaLeket” Dubno, 1794, missing the end. 19. “Amudei Gola” small book of mitzvoth, Kopust 1820, rare. Missing the end. Very florid Yemenite signature?. 20. “Levushei Sarad” on the Yoreh De’ah. Rare, missing the start, with educational glosses, handwritten in pencil. 21. “Pardes Rimonim” of the Ramak—Kabbalah, missing the end. On the title page is a signature of ownership in Sefardi handwriting. Rabbis from the Galanti family. “From the tithes of the young Avraham Galanti,” the final redeemer “the young Mordechai Galanti”. Important signatures. A large and important set, in total 23 books, different sizes and conditions, different missing sections.
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