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LOT: 080

Kvitl letter by the Admor Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heschel of Kopichnitz to the Admor Yaakov of Husiatyn

On official letterhead, written by hand and signed by the Admor, a request for Shana Tova greetings from the Admor of Husiatyn, Rabbi Yaakov Friedman. He lived 1888-1967, was an important Admor in the United States. Was a descendent of the Aphta Admorim, son of the Admor Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Heschel and his successor starting from 1936. In 1939 he fled Vienna to New York and established there his beit midrash. Buried in Tiberias next to his uncle’s grave, the Admor Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn. Rabbi Yaakov Friedman, his son-in- law, served between 1949-1956 and his divrei torah were collected in Ohalei Yaakov. The second son-in- law of Rabbi Yisrael, Rabbi Menachem Nachum Friedman (son of his brother, Rabbi Shalom Yosef), served as Admor in Lviv from 1937. Murdered in the Shoah in 1943. The letter has signs of filing, good condition.
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