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Korban Netanel—first edition, Karlsruhe, 1755, with important signatures and glosses

On the Rosh from sidrei Mo’ed and Nashim, by the Gaon Rabbi Netanel Will, Rabbi of Karlsruhe, an important foundational book that, after being printed separately, has gone into various editions of the Babylonian Talmud to this day. First Edition, printed during the author's lifetime, illustrated cover with a copper engraving at the beginning, with a bird bearing the inscription “KEN [Korban Netanel] Bird" - Karlsruhe | 1755. Stepanski, Foundational Books 211. [2], 148, [3] pages. Very many moth holes. Fair general condition. At the title page of the book is an ancient signature: Kadosh Yehuda Moshe Segel. Stamp of Rabbi "Ben Zion ben HaRav Ya'akov Ettlinger" - Rabbi Ya'akov Ettlinger, the "Aruch Lenner" and his well-known son-in-law, Rabbi Shmaryahu Zuckerman. The book has three Ashkenazi handwritten scholarly glosses that appear from the printing period.
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