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Knesset Yehezkel, copy of the publisher, Rabbi Yaakov Elimelech Panet of Desh, hy”d.

Two sections on the Torah, droshim, first edition of the book by the Admor Rabbi Yehezkel Panet of Desh, printed in Cluj (1931). Copy owned by the publisher, the son and successor of the author, Rabbi Yaakov Elimelech Panet. The page before the cover has his signature and stamp. The item is an expression of the care taken by gedolim over the money of others—when this copy was printed with some printing errors, it seems the publisher signed his name and took it so that others would not purchase it. 2, 167, 1 pages. Page 126 is torn and partially missing, the front binding is original and disconnected, without a spine or rear binding. Pages disconnected, stains, generally ok to good condition. The Admor of Desh, Rabbi Yaakov Elimelech Panet (1889-1944) was known as the Zikaron Yaakov, the 5th Admor of the Desh dynasty and the last who served in the city before World War II. His son and successor, Rabbi Yehezkel Panet (the Knesset Yehezkel) was the son-in-law of Rabbi Yaakov Shimshon Kanner of Chekhiov, andwas certified for the rabbinate by sage such as the Maharsham of Brezhan when he was only 14 years old. He succeeded his father after his death in Desh, and he refused to leave his community behind during the war, and was killed in Auschwitz together with his family and community on the 14th of Sivan, 1944.
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