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LOT: 236

Kabbalistic manuscript “Chesed L’Avraham”—Tililin, Morocco. 1840. Rare.

Copy of the book Chesed L’Avraham, composed by Rav Avraham Tuvyana. The book is based on the writings of the Ari, written by his student Rabbi Haim Vittel and his son Rabbi Shmuel Vittel. Includes siddur Tefillah L’Shabbat, weekday, and Rosh Chodesh with kavanot HaAri, holy names and many kabbalistic drawings. Tikkun HaYom, Hatavat Chalom, Pidyon Nefesh, Mishpat Mavet, Tikkun Magefa, and more. Important and rare additions that don’t appear in printed editions. Separate cover for the section “Olat Shabbat.” Sofer manuscript. Wonderful, exacting writing. Two columns framed. Mizrahi handwriting of the text, titles and holy names in block lettering, large and bolded. Cover colophon states “I copied this word for word, Mordechai ben Yehuda.” Notes in the margins. | New half-leather binding. Stains from moisture. Professional repair to a number of pages. 14x20cm. Generally ok to good condition. [1], 124, [8] pages.
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