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LOT: 039

Interesting signatures and glosses on first editions from Eastern printings: Edot B’Yehosef (Constantinople); Yad HaMelech (Salonika); Shum Maharam di Boton (Izmir), all 17-19th century

1. Yad HaMelech on the Rambam and an exegesis on the Tur Halachot Shabbat, by Rabb Eliya Palombo—first edition Salonika 1804. Old signature of ownership on the cover and additional long notes handwritten in a number of places in the book, not checked thoroughly. [3], 121 pages. Lots of moth damage, pages are cut at the bottom close to the text with some damage to text. Tears and defects. Worn binding, generally bad condition. 2. Edot B’Yehosef, question and answers by Rabbi Yosef Almoshnino, first section, first edition, Constantinople 1711. Pages disconnected. Old binding, disconnected with no spine. Stains, generally good condition. Signatures of ownership of: Yaakov bar Alexandri of Ertzbach of Furth” and “Shmuel Zanvoyel[?]”. 3. Shot Maharam di Boton, questions and answers on the Ba’al HaTurim, by Rabbi Meir ben Rabbi Avraham di Boton, brought to the publisher by his son=in-law and student, Rabbi Yishay Almuli—first edition 1660. Cover bears a signature of ownership of Israel Menachem Adato (probably the handwriting of Rabbi Yisrael Adato, a sage of Edirne (Adrianople) at the beginning of the 17th century—mentioned in note 41 of this book. See more about him in the Encyclopedia of Turkish Sages and Arzei HaLevanon. Additional signatures of Shlomo bar Shmuel Shapmi (probably Rabbi Shlomo Shapmi, a sage of Constantinople from 1740-1760). Additional handwritten note on the back side of page 38. 8, 140 pages. Tear and tape, with damage to text. Moth damage on a few pages. Not bound. Last pages detached. Other than that, good condition.
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