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Interesting lot of 10 books from Shoah survivors in Hebrew and Yiddish

1. Siddur Kol Bo, published by Sinai in Munich, miniature (special) edition with a prayer in memory of the holy souls from 1940-1945—those murdered in the Shoah. Stamps of the military rabbinate, with a special card “before going out to war for IDF soliders.” Light stains, generally like new condition. 2. Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, sefard nusach, published by the Joint, Munich 1949. Front binding a little defective, the back binding is torn. No spine. Apart from that, good condition. Stains and tears. 3. Safek Dikduk for students with exercises and readings, first section, by Moshe Breitbart, printed for the Culture Department of the Central Committee of Released Jews in the American Occupation Zone and the Joint. Generally like new condition. Seems not to have been used at all. 4. (4-6), three sections of Der Torah Kvol, in Yiddish, by Rabbi Alexander Zusha Friedman, hy”d, dedicated in his memory at the beginning. Mesorah Publishing 1948. Exodus (hard binding), Deuteronomy and Bamidbar (soft binding), changing conditions, generally ok to good. Stamps. 5. Undzer Lakui Chama, Lieder (songs) by Yitzhak Ferlov, published by Poalei Zion in Germany, Munich 1947. Includes a picture of the author, songs on the destruction of the Jews of Europe. Binding a little defective, stains. Generally good condition. 6. Masechet Avot with commentary Sfat Emet, printed in Landsberg 1948 by Chassidei Gur, dedicated to help survivors reach peace and geulah and move to Israel to the Admor of Gur in Jerusalem. The Imrei Emet died that same year, such that these Chassidim’s wish that people be reunited with the Admor in Jerusalem could not occur. Binding disconnected somewhat, generally good condition. 7. Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Ashkenaz minhag, with Yiddish, printed in New York. Interesting Stamp [“gift from the Jews of America via the Joint]. Tears and stains, generally ok to good condition. 8. Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, gift from the Va’ad Hatzalah to the survivors. Munich 1947. Stamp of Rav Yoel Kolpt—Av Beit Din of Haifa and rabbi of Rabbi Shlomo Welba in the kabbalah of the Gra. Tears and pages disconnected. Generally bad condition.
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