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IgeretArchot Olam—Prague 1793.

Two sections, a text on cosmography and geography. By Rav Avraham ben Mordechai Pritzul. At the end is the letter of Yemen to the Rambam and YesodMoreh and Sod Torah of the Ibn Ezra. This is probably the first Jewish geographic book, dealing in Hebrew with the discovery of America, Africa south of the Sahara, and the geographic discoveries there, and the Jews of Ethiopia (the BeitaYisrael). 30 chapters in the book deal with various countries with an emphasis on Jewish settlements in each. Chapter 14 is dedicated to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The book is accompanied by 3 wonderful engravings. | Rav Avraham ben Mordechai Pritzul (1451-1525) was an Italian talmidchacham, a polymath of the Renaissance period. He arranged a debate with priests in Ferrara. Following this pamphlet, he authored the Magen Avraham. Listing of ownership handwritten on the cover and page 2. Addition of a page by hand, not identified, between pages 52 and 53. At the end of the first section is an Ashkenazi handwritten page. At the beginning of YesodMoreh is a cursive signature in the local language. 1-95 pages. 16cm. Generally good condition.
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