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LOT: 147

Historical discovery: a complete autograph pamphlet with a drash handwritten by Rabbeinu the Ben Ish Hai. With many blessings for preservation and success “and I never gave it in public[!]”—an opportunity to fulfill the wishes of the Tzaddik to spread his holy words

22 pages sewn together bearing an exciting historical discovery of Rabban of all the Diaspora, Ari of Babylon, Rabbi Yosef Haim of Baghdad, the holy Ben Ish Hai. In his holy handwriting, he wrote a sermon on the subject of the miracles that God Almighty does to Israel, in which he refers to the salvation of Egypt and the salvation that is soon to come. Our rabbi mentions remarks from the teachings of his elder Rabbi Moshe Chaim and other great Israelites, including the Alshich HaKodesh. In the end, our rabbi writes: "This is what I arranged for it in the year 1884 and did not give it in public. Hopefully we will be honored in the sermon with joy and kindness in the name of heaven. And we will help with the honor of his name, and I will always win the many and fulfill all my wishes for the good of his work. He will be with us and we will always help and always help. " A rare and unique opportunity to fulfill a righteous desire to publish his holy words and fulfill his pure wish after 135 years! Page dimensions: 15X10 cm. Very good overall condition. Rabbi Yosef Chaim (1835-1909), the Ben Ish Hai, was Rabbi of all the Diaspora, one of the greatest leaders, accepted and settled in all generations. Born in Baghdad to his father Rabbi Eliyahu [ Rabbi Moshe Chaim - who is mentioned in the sermon before us.] At the age of only 14, he was accepted to the meeting of Rabbi Abdullah, despite his young age. For over fifty years he led the Baghdad Jewish community, received many questions, In the book "Most Blessings," Rabbi Ezekiel Moshe Halevy wrote in the introduction: "If Rabbi Yosef Haim tells me about the Right who is the Left, and the Left who is the Right, I will follow his words. Indeed, he published many books, with more than 100 essays [!], Have earned them a place of honor in the Jewish bookcase. Not all of our rabbinical writings have come to light in print and in recent years have worked hard at many institutes, especially the Ahavat Shalom Institute. In light of the world, the teachings of the rabbis, and the many poems of which he became known and "said so vividly" in honor of the Divine Tana Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai accepted in all the Diaspora of Israel. His coffin was placed in Baghdad, where he was laid to rest. It is generally accepted that because of our rabbi’s desire to immigrate to the Holy Land, he body immigrated to Israel after his death, according to testimony from the Jerusalem kabbalists, the location of his grave is on the Mount of Olives
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