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HaTashbetz (book). First edition. Amsterdam 1738-1741.

Four sections, more than 900 halakhic answers, halakhic discussion and additional explanations. The fourth is called “Chut HaMeshulash” with the year appearing as 1738—divided into 3 sections, each with a special cover. By Rabbi Shimon ben Tzemach Duran, the Rashbetz (1361-1444), a student of the Ran and other great Rishonim. Copy before us is one of the various copies with illustrations of Moshe and Aharon on the cover with additional changes. List of ownership on the page before the cover page. Original leather binding. Upper binding is partially disconnected. Wear on the spine. Stains over time. A little moth damage. [11], 91, 69, [1], 68, [1], [1], 101, [1] page. 32cm. Generally good condition.
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