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LOT: 346

Handwritten psakim on the eruv at Verona, 1765, impressive and wonderful—a historical and unique item on Judaism in Italy and the community of Verona.

Written by Rav Menachem Noyera, Rav Eliyahu Yisrael, Rav Yaakov Ashkenazi di Corona and Rav Yaakov Hazak. Illustrative handwriting, the handsome writing of a sofer in the style of the Italian Rashi, with great decorations. On the title page an illustration of the Star of David, sign of the priests, and two lions holding a tower. The opening of the writing is directed at the city elders and describes the problem of the eruv in the city of Verona, which is surrounded by a river on one side, of members of the community failing to keep Shabbat and holidays and the halakhic solution suggested by the previous rabbi of Verona Rav Hezkiyah Mordechai Basan. The writer, the rabbi of Verona and the grandson of Rav Basan,informs them of his intention to fix the issue of the eruv, lays out his ruling on the issue and the ruling of additonal rabbis, and reminds them of the job of the city elders to set the eruv and lead the way for the community. Afterwards two poems are given on the subject in Italian written over 4 pages. Later a special version of the eruv for the city of Verona is proferred. Long rulings of halakha follow, including rulings by two rabbis of Jerusalem and one of Alexandria. The writing finishes with a description of the eruv that would be established after the authorities approved it, and a plan for publicizing it to the community. [40] pages, 28cm, illustrations throughout the book, good condition, stains and signs of water damage. New and beautiful leather binding.
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