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LOT: 142

Handwritten ketubah—Tunis 1936. Signed by the holy hand of the Gaon Rabbi Haim Khuri.

Mizrahi handwriting, for the marriage of Kamos Moshe ben Yehuda to bat Yaakov. 26th of Elul, 1936. Additions by hand in the margins. Cursive rabbinical signatures, stamp of the Beit Din in Tunis. Stamp of the government. Rav Haim Khuri (1885-1957) was a gadol of Tunisia. In his youth he learned with Rav Moshe Mazoz, who served as rabbi and dayan in Gabam. He established the Tora v’Haim yeshiva in Djerba, and tzedakah organizations, encouraged the immigration of Tunisian Jewry to Israel. In 1954, when he was 70 years old, he moved to Israel and settled in Be’er Sheva. | Stains, signs of folding, tears in the edges of folds. Double sheet of paper, folded in half. 21x29cm each. Generally good condition.
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