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LOT: 076

Handwritten call (kol koreh) with additions handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yitzhak Elhanan Spector of Kovna

A call for help from members of the towns around Minsk after a large fire destroyed houses and shops. Not only are there additions written by hand at the end of the letter, Rabbi Yitzhak Elhanan wrote an additional line in the center for “Batei Midrashot and Batei Tzibur.” At the end of the letter he ends with a blessing for the help. The rabbi lived 1817-1896, was a great sage of his generation, known for his genius and great generosity. Considered in his generation to be a supreme Torah authority and he led the Jews of Lithuania and Russia over the many yerars. Served in the rabbinate from a young age (1837 approximately). In 1864 he was appointed to the rabbinate of the city of Kovna, known among the whole population as a great posek. His answers and chiddushim were printed in a series of books “Be’er Yitzhak,” “Nahal Yitzhak,” “Ein Yitzhak.” Size of the letter: 22x24cm. Signs of folding, tape on the back at the top of the letter. Generally good condition.
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