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LOT: 079

Handwritten and signed letter by the Admor of Peshversk, Rav Yitzhak Gewirtzman

Letter written on official letterhead, entirely by hand and signed by the Admor Rav Yitzhak Gewirtzman of Peshversk from Antwerp. The letter was sent to supporters to “awaken their hearts to support the holy yeshiva founded by the Chazon Ish.” Rav Gewirtzman was the son of Rabbi Naftali Elimelech bar Avraham, a grandson of Rabbi Elimelech of Luzhansk, student of Rabbi Shimcha Isachar of Tzeshinov of the Tzanz dynasty, and Rabbi Hannah Halberstam of Kolshitz. In his youth he communicated with the greats of his generation before the Shoah, and he is famous for his work in Peshversk. In 1956 he became Chief Rabbi of Antwerp and many chassidim joined him (Encyclopedia of Chassidut, p. 76). Signs of folding, size: 14x21cm. Good condition.
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