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LOT: 447

Handsome manuscript. Illustrated and decorated on parchment. Pressburg, 1811.

“Hazan HaKnesset,” prayers for the hazzan during the time of Kriyat Torah. During the period of the Hatam Sofer, 1811 approximately. Block lettering, with vowels. Written, illustrated, and decorated with gilded ink and various wonderful colors. Opening letters and crowns in colorful ink. Prayers “Yehi Ratzon” after the Kriyat HaTorah during Monday and Thursday. Brachot for the Haftarah for Shabbat, Shalosh Regalim, Rosh Hashana, and Yom Kippur. Haftarah for Ta’anit Tzibur. Yakum Purkan, the word Yakum surrounded in a frame of leaves and flowers, a pair of lions. Special prayer for peace of the monarchy. First words of the prayer are framed and decorated with a large crown, pair of lines, a human face, plants, and more. Birkat HaChodesh, Yizkor, Mi SheBerach. Prayers for the Tokea and the order of shofar blows, with the kavanot of the blows. Megillah brachot with piyyutim. The manuscript before us was used in the Bril Shohel synagogue in Pressburg, during the rabbinate of the Hatam Sofer. The synagogue is named after its founder, the rich person and tzaddik Rabbi Azriel Bril (Brilin). On page 13 is the addition, at a later time (after the dead of Rabbi Azriel and his wife) a writing in the margins in the yizkor for them. Special prayer was invented for them. He died in 1818, and was a representative of the Pressburg community. He was a signer on the rabbinate of the Hatam Sofer. Apart from being rich he was also great in Torah, and in his youth was very studious and even had students. Sat during fasts, from his youth until old age, and throughout his life was sorry for his wealth. The Hatam Sofer gave a eulogy for him. A piece of parchment was added at a later period, on which is written “in memory of Ariel Brilan, who gave an founded this synagogue named after him.” 22 pages, 27.5cm, generally good condition. Stains, smudging of ink in a number of spots, new leather binding.
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