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LOT: 062

Hand written prayers for all commemorative dates of the year Tze’ada, Yemen. 19th Century

Hand written prayers, instructions and piskehalachot that coverall commemorative dates of the year in detail, starting with the Passover Haggada, tfilot, Hosha’anot, Tfilot regarding dew and rain, Pizmonim and Azharot. Afterwards there is a cover page adorned with decorations and psukim, and in it is written: Siddur for high holidays as it is accustomed among out holy community of Tze’ada, may G-d be his help, as the eyes of the reader will profess מישרים הרחמן will be built hastily, G-d willing, within our time, Amen, thus may it be acceptable”. The copy includes: Nusach Haslichot, Eiruv Tavshilin, Kiddush, Rosh Hashana prayers, Tkiot, Tfilot and Slichot for Yom Kippur, Yoma tractate, Keter Mlachot for Rabbi ShlomoIbn Gvirol, Hashkavot Laniftarim. Seder Tikun of the Gdeliah fast and Ashmarot. 468 pages. 18 “cm. Inbetween pages 14 and 15 two pages that are not related to the siddur were accidentally bound. The last two pages are in a different hand writing than the rest of the book. Minor moth holes and stains with no damage to the text. Overall good condition.
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