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Hand written Copy of ‘Helek HaDikduk’. By Rabbi Yichye Tzalach (the Maharitz). Yemen, 19th Century.

Complete hand written copy (without cover page), in a small format. Neat and pleasant Yemenite handwriting. The book deals with the Messorah and the Helek Ha Dikduk on 24 books by the Maharitz. At the end of the composition (page 82א) is written: “Everything written until this point are credited to the author” and after it, the 4 pages that are hand written, regarding DikdukMusar and Kabbalah are credited to an unknown author. Ownership inscriptions and notes on page 39 א “Won and bought by Yosef ben Yichye Artzabi Rabeynu Yichye ben Rabbi Yosef Tzalach – HaMaharitz, the great Rabbi of Yemen in the 18th century. Studied with his grandfather, Rabbi Tzalach, and with ZikneiHador Rabbi YichyeKroani and Rabbi Sa’idyaKeti’i. Growing up, he was a fellow student to two of “Godlei Hador” Rabbi David Mashraki owner of “Shtilei Zeitim” and Rabbi Yichye HaCohen Araki. When he was 43 years old, he was elected to be the head Rabbi and Ra’abad of all Yemenite communities, Rabbi Tzalach was modest, but also strict when it came to following the Halacha. His authority was undisputed throughout Yemen. Until this day, many Yemenites are accustomed to his minhagim and psukim. Author of the siddur Hitchalal with his commentary ‘Tree of Life’ and many other Halachic books: ‘Zevach Todah’, ‘SHa’arei Kodesh’, ‘SHa’arei Tehara’, She’elot and Tshuvot “Peulot Tzadik”, Musar Ve Kabbalah and other Halachic books. 172 pages. 17 “cm. Bound in an elegant leather binding. Minor moth holes. Overall very good condition.
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