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LOT: 121

Facsimile of Megillat Esther with illustrations from Ferrara (Italy), 1616—Tel Aviv 1997.

Facsmile edition that was published by the National and University Library in Jerusalem, printed in Tel Aviv. The National Library holds a number of illustrated megillot esther, but the most special one is also the oldest, and is also among the oldest of any in the world, from 1616. The Megillah was written and illustrated by Moshe ben Avraham Pascarol in Ferrara, Italy. Its length is more than 4 meters and its height is around 27cm. It was ordered by a man by the name of Mordechai ben Eliyahu HaLevi, who lived in a small town by the name of Brescello, next to Parma, according to biographical data written at the end of the megillah. Light tears and defects, generally excellent condition.
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