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LOT: 024

Eyle Divrei HaBrit (against the Reform movement)—Altona 1819, with responses from sages of the period

"a judgment which was issued by the Beit Din Tzedek of Hamburg, and held by the great geniuses of the State of Ashkenaz, Poland, France and Italy, and the State of Bohemia, Maharran and Hungary, all of which answer … to prevent a new religion (which, they believe, is only a few simple people who do not know Torah) from founding customs unlike the religion of Moses and Israel ... ". Composition against the Reform Movement for the prohibition of changing the Prayer, not praying in other languages, and not playing songs in synagogues even by non-Jews. These outbursts began following the publication of Noga HaTzedek - Or Noga (Desau 1818) which justified these amendments and changes by the rabbis of the Reformation, various “amendments” introduced in the text of the prayer at the "Hall" in Hamburg, where German language prayers were also accompanied by prayers accompanied by an organ in the Hall. Attached are 22 Halachic Answers by the greatest sages of that generation, including the Chatam Sofer, who initially opposed printing the book, because he feared that engaging and arguing with the Reformers would give them strength and strengthen their status, but eventually agreed to its publication. Also included are Rabbi Akiva Iger, Rabbi Mordechai Benet, Rabbi Yaakov of Lissa (the Netivot), Prague Rabbis and others - XVI, 132 pages. 22 cm. Moth holes and minor stains. Worn original binding. Good overall condition.
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