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EvelYachid, eulogy for Rabbi Yaakov Lorberbaum of Lisa, the “Netivot HaMishpat,” includes a kina for the death of Rabbi Avraham Ivli, Av Beit Din of Biely, and a kina for the death of Aaron ben Ze’ev Mintz. Warsaw 1833. First and only edition.

By Rav Avraham DovBroshFlahm, editor and publisher of the writings of the Maggid of Dovna. The Netivot HaMishpat (1770-1832) was a great posek and sage of his generation. Friend of the KetzotHaChoshen and RavAkivaEiger. Served as head of the yeshiva in Lisa, and many geonim of Poland and Russia were his students. Authored Netivot HaMishpat, HavatDa’at, Beit Yaakov, ToratGittin, Mekor Chayim, DerechHaHayyim, and more. In his book Netivot HaMishpat he tried to counter many points from the book KetzotHaChoshen, and the author of the latter wrote answers to many of his points in the pamphlet “Meshovev Netivot.” Rabbi Avraham Dov Beer Flahm (1795-1876) was born in Mastrich, an author, drashon, editor of the Maggid of Dovna, and his biographer. Even though he lived decades after the death of the Maggid, many encyclopedias and books talk about him as a “student of the Maggid” or “friend of his son” (erroneously), and some even attribute daily conversation to him, and say that he was his assistant. Flahm had a humorous style, even though most of his writings deal with pain and sadness. In his books he would explain in detailed fashion the dress, the food, and the environment of the period, and the life of the Maggid and the people he met. | Renewed binding. 24 pages. Generally good condition.
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