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Dressing for a sefer torah from Yemen—“Album”. A unique segula item.

Cover made from green velvet which is wrapped around the Torah scroll by loops and a long sash. On the velvet is embroidery of gold thread of a keter torah, Stars of David, tablets, and a dedication. Gold and silver jewelry hangs from the cover, items that righteous women removed and placed on it. | The “album” sefer torah is one of the most well-known Torahs from Yemen, written 400 years ago. Regarding the name “album,” they say that the sofer who wrote this sefer would fast greatly while writing it. Anyone who knocked on his door would be met with the response “album” (Yemenite: go away). Many miracles are bound up in this Torah, ill people who recovered, evil people who suffered, etc. Over the last years, the sefer remained in the village of Shahadiya, and during the Aliyah of the Yemenites to Israel they brought it with them. But the sefer has disappeared since arriving in Israel. (See “LeBaneichem Sifro” by Rav Gilad Tzadok, Bnei Brak, 2000, pp. 231-234). 110x70cm. Good condition.
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