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Dedication of the kabbalist Rabbi Haim David Sathon on a copy of his book, Karsiya d’Eliyahu—first edition, Jerusalem 1906.

Karsiya d’Eliyahu, a work on Elijah the Prophet and the Geulah drawing from the Tanach and Chazal, by the kabbalist Rabbi Haviv Haim David Sathon—first edition, Jerusalem 1906. 8, 155 pages. 19cm. A few moth holes and stains. Generally very good condition. Back of the cover has a handwritten dedication by the author: “…HaRav HaGadol, from strength and greatness…Moharar Eliyahu Chazan from me the author [stamp of the author].” The receiver of the book is Rabbi Eliyahu Bechor Chazan of Jerusalem, who served as Chacham Bashi in Alexandria, Egypt. Before the cover is his bookplate (Ex Libris) with a dedication to a synagogue in Egypt. The author is the kabbalist Rabbi Haviv Haim David Sathon (known as the Chad in his generation; lived 1827-1907), a great rabbi of Tiberias. His father did yibum with his brother’s wife but died while she was still pregnant, so Rabbi Sathon bore his father’s name (David), and his uncle (Haviv), and they added the name Haim as a segulah. He would isolate himself and study in Elijah’s cave and at the grave of Rabbi Meir ba’al HaNes, and he focused on Kabbalah. He was the head of the Eliyahu HaNavi yeshiva in Haifa. Authored the books: Tokpo shel Nes, and Shemesh u’Magen.
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