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LOT: 030

Cover for an Aron Kodesh, decorated with silver thread. Vienna 1841. Museum-worthy item.

Velvet cover for an Aron Kodesh combined with wonderful silver decorations. The silver frame is decorated with plants and flowers. In the upper portion it says “owned by the GvirRav Avraham Elalai in Vienna.” In the middle of the top is a ketertorah, and embossed curtains on the sides with the Ten Commandment tablets. Lions crouching facing one another (symbolizing Vienna). Below the lions on either side are flags of the Ottoman Empire, symbolizing the Tanzimat Reform rule of the Turks. The Tanzimat (Turkish “reorganization”) was a period of reform during the Ottoman Empire, which began in 1839 and ended after the acceptance of the first constitution in 1876. 75x65cm. Defects and missing bits, ok condition.
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