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LOT: 171

Copy of Rabbi Alter Biderman of Sosnowiec son of Rabbi Elazar Mendel of Lelov: Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat – Lemberg, 1876. With Handwritten Glosses.

Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat with the nosei keilim, first section. Printed in Lemberg, 1876. [2], 164, 182 leaves. Brittle paper, missing one leaf of the introductions, detached title page that is torn along its right side, marginal tears generally not affecting text, preserved binding, red spine with gold embossing – otherwise fine condition. The title page and following leaf bear a stamped copy of a prominent signature: אלטר בהרה"ק הק' ר" אליעזר מנחם זצלה"ה. The endpaper has a note documenting that this copy belonged to Admor Alter Avraham Bezalel Nosson Nota of Lelov. Additional stamps: חברת משניות גבעת רמב"ם. The book itself has a number of handwritten corrections and one significant gloss that matches the handwriting copied in the stamp. Admor Alter Avraham Bezalel Nosson Nota (1862-1933) was the son of Rabbi Elazar Mendel and brother of Admor Dovid Zvi Shlomo of Lelov. He returned to Poland during the First World War and settled in Sosnowiec, where he was known as the "Admor from Eretz Yisroel." He was the son-in-law of his cousin, Rabbi Binyamin Yehuda Leib Bornstein.
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