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LOT: 032

A magnificent volume of Torah and Neviim Rishonim – Amsterdam, 1666-1667 with a hint to the kingship of Shabbtai Zvi

A magnificent volume of Torah and Neviim Rishonim from the Bible, printed in the printing house of Yosef Attias son of Avraham Attias. On the title page of the Neviim is written: In the year “V’hayta L’Hashem Hamelucha [And the kingship belonged to God] [1666]” This was the year that Shabbtai Zvi arrived in Amsterdam, and the printers hinted in the year reference to the upcoming kingship of the false messiah. On the title page is an engraving with a picture of an eagle inside which is a picture of the reception greeting Shabbtai Zvi when he arrived in Amsterdam. Introduction in Latin, approbations from the rabbis of Amsterdam led by Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhav. Abbreviations in Latin in the external margins of each page. The first 4 leaves are detached. The first title page is slightly damaged from the glue from the binding. [19], 178, 155 leaves. Aging stains. Without worming holes. Very good overall condition, rarely found in such good condition.
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